Stomach Virus and Stomach Flu Cause Stomach Pain

Oregano Oil Can be effective for Stomach Virus or Flu
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A Stomach Virus Needs Quick Relief

quick stomach virus reliefA Stomach Virus, along with the stomach flu can cause great discomfort, let alone terrible stomach pain in just about anyone. The stomach pain is enough to cause someone to feel terrible with sharp pains in the abdomen region from a particular stomach virus. A stomach virus is something anyone can get at any time, especially eating partially or uncooked foods.

The stronger and healthier you are, the quicker you can help get rid of this virus. If you have some fighting power on your side that can prevent the virus from replicating, then you will have a better fighting chance of beating this stomach virus a lot sooner. This means at the first sign of any discomfort, pure oregano oil should be considered. This in some circumstances can prevent the stomach virus from ever starting its own cycle and will prevent further growth. Most people have no idea how powerful 100% Pure oregano oil can really be! This is a strong parasitic killer. Let's face just face the facts, parasites come in many different forms, and come from meats, public places or any source that can contain parasites. These parasites can mimic other infections and need to be eliminated. Start by using one of the worlds most powerful "natural remedies," along with some raw freshly made organic juices. Viruses and parasites hate vegetables and especially powerful remedies like 100% Pure Oregano oil! Don't let these parasites or viruses take over your body! Fight back with nature!

A stomach virus cannot be defeated by standard antibiotics. These will be of NO use against a stomach virus. Any stomach bacteria or a stomach virus will be unable to survive a few drops of pure oregano oil. No other source can work so well with the body's own immune system. With these two armies (body's immune system and pure oregano oil) working side by side, this can be a sure way to help just about anyone that encounters a stomach virus. NOT wasting time and reacting quickly, will be the best way and achieve the best results.

Pure Oregano oil is safe to take in small doses. If you are not currently vomiting, Never take oregano oil if you are vomiting. This may induce the vomiting further. It works well to promote the good bacteria in the gut to achieve the best digestion possible.

The dosage should be around 1-3 drops
in 4-8 ounces of water. The less water, the stronger the solution will be. This should be performed a couple of times per day. If you are NOT ill or have bacteria or a particular virus in your body, only 1-2 drops once per day may only be necessary. Don't take a stomach virus for granted. A stomach virus can be deadly depending on what type of virus it is.

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Stomach Virus

A Stomach Flu Can Be Deadly

We are sure just about everyone has had the seasonal flu in their life. The stomach flu is something that is a bit more dangerous. Having the stomach flu could cause a great deal of pain, which can vary from person to person.

If someone encounters the stomach flu, symptoms can vary: such as stomach discomfort, headache nausea, vomiting and feeling weak.

The most troublesome symptom with a stomach flu to worry about is dehydration. This can happen quickly if the stomach flu has already begun to start its cycle and run its course in the body and start multiplying. Anyone that is vomiting or has diarrhea consistently is at higher risk for dehydration. Trying to sip on some organic coconut water while taking a small teaspoon of virgin coconut oil, can actually help with fighting the stomach flu in some instances.

People with weakened immune systems or someone that has other underlying conditions will have a much more difficult time once the stomach flu has started multiplying.

Gold Label organic virgin coconut oil, which a good saturated fat, is anti-viral, anti-fungal and can work to get into a lipid coated area that antibiotics just won't work well with or at all.

The coconut oil must be taken several times in a row to stand a chance with the stomach flu. This means sometimes on a half-an-hour basis with small doses of a teaspoon will slowly but surely, be better than taking nothing at all, especially if nausea is a factor. At first, the coconut oil may make you vomit but then after awhile it may begin to do the opposite and work with the body's immune system to fight this illness.

The most important thing to understand if you are fighting off a stomach bug is the nausea. Anyone should only take small sips of the organic coconut water. This can help replenish up to 5 of the body's missing electrolytes, which is an essential step. This should not be ignored, as dehydration can occur quickly causing the stomach flu to make you even weaker.


                 Stomach Pain Can be Caused by a Virus

stomach pain

If you are not use to feeling stomach pain, this can be a sign of some kind of bacteria or virus. This type of stomach pain can be associated with a type of food poisoning like salmonella or E-Coli. These can be fatal but also can be stopped if fought off early enough and do away with stomach pain quicker than you may think. Stomach pain is never healthy, especially if you rarely or never get it. This is the first sign that something needs to be done. If nothing is done, the bacteria, or virus will multiply, making it more difficult to kill, allowing more symptoms to show up. Stomach pain should never be ignored or taken for granted.

Pure oregano oil is the best, for NOT only digestion and promoting good bacteria in the gut, but also helping get rid of the virus and stomach pain. Over the counter medications just won't work with any type of infection that may be causing stomach pain. This means that symptoms may be masked temporarily, but the problem will NOT be solved. Take care of stomach pain, the right away, so the discomfort and symptoms won't be felt for too long. The sooner, the better gives the best relief towards stomach pain! If taken care of quick enough, stomach pain can be stopped in an hour or less in some occurrences.


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