Ever Wondered What the Lines on Your Tongue Actually Mean?

Lines on our Tongue

Lines on our Tongue

Ever wondered what the lines on your tongue mean? We all have probably joked around sticking our tongue out in the mirror, but then happen to notice a line down the middle or even many lines quite deep on our tongue. Some people are born with a line down their tongue, and this line is usually quite healthy. So what if we were not born with a line down our tongue, or the line is really deep and thick? To answer these questions, you need to look at how Chinese Medicine has determined which parts of the tongue can act like a window showing other problems deep inside the body. Some people just may think that this is all a bunch or garbage, while others that have been deeply sick and notice their tongues don't look healthy, know that is Very Real!
So how is a tongue suppose to look? See below for more info.

Here is a photo of what a healthy tongue looks like:

Healthy Tongue

Notice the coloring of this particular tongue, it is slightly pink in color, no lines, cracks or slices, the papillae is minimal. (this is the red looking spots on the tongue)

Did you know that if your tongue is purple you have poor circulation and if it's red you have a vitamin deficiency? Chinese medicine sees the body in terms of the microcosm and the macrocosm. So in other words, their theory is a single pattern can repeat itself from the largest to the smallest scale. With a little practice, you will be able to use your own tongue as one more way to figure out what your body is telling you!

Here is photo of an unhealthy tongue:
Unhealthy Tongue

Notice the lines, cracks and slits in this tongue. This is not a healthy tongue and is indicating many possible health problems happening inside the body. The person that has this type of tongue may not know that they are showing signs of internal problems. Learning what these lines mean can be an important step of spotting health problems! 

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Diagram of what lines or cracks for certain areas of the tongue mean:

Diagram of meaning of lines on tongue

This diagram will show the parts of the body and organs where lines may be present. Notice that the tip of the tongue starts with the heart, then proceeds to the back of the tongue indicating the kidney, bladder and intestines.

If there are any cracks, lines and especially deepened lines, there is a weakness in the body's organs and is a problem.
This could explain how long and how severe a particular organ has be affected by a disease or infection. The lines are happening for a reason, trying to relay an important message that something is wrong. It is up to you to find out what is causing this to happen and then correct it. The lines will start to disappear once the health issue has been corrected. The deeper lines will show how serious a health problem may be.

This is an excellent guide to show you that your health is improving, when the lines start to heal themselves and which parts of the body are improving or starting to have problems occur, hence causing these cracks and lines.

When looking at your tongue the Lighting used
is very valuable. Sunlight, will give probably the most accurate color of the tongue body and coat. If the sunlight is not possible, use a second light source like a small flashlight, then compare the tongue color to the original light source. Foods you eat or drink, such as coffee, green tea, and even candy may change the color of your tongues coating. A healthy tongue is Pink or light red in color.

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