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immune system boosters

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Immune System Boosters

Buying the right immune system booster, such as herbal supplements are so important! Immune system boosters are crucial for people that truly need a real boost in their health. The reason for this is quite simple! The foods that we eat, (mainly processed foods) are destroying our immune systems. These foods, along with dangerous pasteurized dairy products, (mainly milk) is causing more harm than it's worth to eat. With the high Omega 6 GMO feed the cows are being fed in the United States, thus being consumed by unsuspecting consumers, is now an epidemic. This is truly making our bodies work much harder and now this is over-working our immune system on a daily basis.

gmo fed ratThe body needs to be cleansed by, "organic" raw juices made at home, with either a juicer or a blender with a 1 horsepower motor and by using ice to keep valuable enzymes alive. By doing this daily and taking immune boosters such as, Super Strength Olive Leaf extract and Pure Oregano Oil, will help get the body back on track!
If these steps are not taken, the body will eventually destroy itself with an overload of toxins and disease. The body will not be able to fight an infection when it doesn't have it's very defense mechanisms that have been weakened or ultimately destroyed by poisonous foods. (Take a look at what GMO'S, a genetically modified rat in the photo to the left looks like. Yes, this is real and is happening to people, just look around and this is very noticeable in some cases).

These powerful immune boosters, which include herbal supplements, cannot usually be purchased at any over the counter drug store, grocery store etc. The problem with buying any immune booster from the store shelf is they simply will NOT do what you may expect them to do. Most immune system boosters purchased from your local grocery store are NOT herbal supplements in most cases. These will do nothing to boost your immune system!

True immune system boosters, such as pure herbal supplements can be very effective. The reason that herbal supplements in their purest form work so well, is due to all the natural properties that help with disease fighting. If immune boosters are watered down and only contain a fraction of the main ingredient(s) then they should be deemed worthless. The body's immune system is very complex and 1 pill, NO matter how good it may sound will just NOT do the trick. Immune boosters you purchase from over-the-counter are heavily advertised in most cases. They target people that may have a cold, but will do very little to fight an actual virus. Some over the counter immune system boosters are quite expensive, a better alternative would definitely be herbal supplements.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are NOT as main stream as they should be. Some herbal supplements are very effective and some just simply are not..... Most people have no idea what particular herbal supplements can actually do for the body. The reasons for consumers not knowing what herbal supplements can actually do is simple. The FDA has strict restrictions on what the label on the bottle can say. They all are required to state: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Something similar must be on each bottle, especially after a structural claim is made like "immune booster" or "antibacterial" These must have a star, asterisks, or something indicating that the product does not cure or prevent a specific disease. Even if these products actually do cure certain diseases you will never see it printed on the bottles label! What a great system to help the drug companies NOT compete with nature! Nature is is like the golden glove winner or the knock out punch!! If you take away the winner, now you have NO competition!

Certain Immune Boosters Truly Can be amazing!

Immune Boosters

The right immune boosters can be amazing and very helpful. Yes, only very few immune boosters actually do work. The immune system is very complicated, and these particular immune boosters must be strong enough. Don't be fooled by over the counter immune boosters and their claims. They will NOT do what you think they will do. Like we said before, the bodies immune system is very complex and even a lot of scientists still do not understand them fully. This does NOT mean that there can't be effective immune boosters. Their certainly can be, and there are fantastic immune system boosters. Pure Oregano oil and olive leaf extract with 20% oleuropein. These are the ultimate immune boosters!

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