Learn What Really is Hot Red Ear Formally Known As Red Ear Syndrome


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Is Your Hot Red Ear Bothering You?

Peripheral NSHave you ever wondered why your ears get red hot at times? Did you know hot red ear is actually a rare disorder? Most people have no idea what it means when their ears get red hot. Hot red ear might be unique but getting burning ears is not uncommon.

Some of the main causes for having your ears turn red are:

Medications are one reason of why your ears to get red hot.

Another reason is a thyroid issue, which might not be functioning correctly.

Heart disease and inflamed arteries could be another cause


It never hurts to know a little more about hot red ear. Being informed about hot red ear (red ear syndrome) is just the first step in this process. This particular disease, which causes ears to get hot and red have a distinct burning feeling. It is a quite rare disease of unknown causes which was originally described in 1994. This the information that describes this diseases. The vast majority of doctors are grossly under educated and trained on what is causing this disease.

Now days, hot red ear is becoming more and more common due to the higher ratios of Omega 6 fatty acids and not enough Omega 3's. People are consuming more than 30 times or more of Omega 6's. A good ratio is 4 to 1 for omega fatty acids, which are essential for life, but they must be balanced properly. Diseases start to happen in the body, hence hot red ears after an 8 to 1 ratio. We doubt your doctor is telling you this information. Most doctors know nothing when it comes to nutrition. It's sad but so true!

All processed foods have Omega 6's and almost no Omega 3's. This is causing many diseases and problems such as hot red ear. Most people just are not informed about how processed foods really can destroy health and cause disease. The body is trying to tell you something is wrong, hence causing hot red ears. So start making changes today! If the food comes in a box. It probably contains soybean oil, canola oil or corn oil, or corn starch or syrup. Getting rid of the the foods that contain these harmful oils is the first step. More than 90% of processed foods contain these oils as well as hydrogenated oil's. These are trans fat's that the FDA is supposedly trying to ban since they are saying 20 years later when they first contemplated about banning them. There are many more chemicals that are even more harmful than trans fats in processed foods. These shouldn't have been in the foods in the first place. They belong only in a lab and not in the human body! It's best for you to be aware then cause your health to get worse.


                 Eating properly is Very Important to Reverse this condition

red ear syndromeHot red ear
- usually involves pain in and around the ear, which can cause the ear to turn bright red, feeling hot to touch. This has been associated with autonomic phenomena. This primarily is the part of the peripheral nervous system that undertakes as a control system operating mostly beneath the level of consciousness and controls visceral functions. There are several essential parts of the peripheral nervous system, which are ANS (Atomic and Somatic) or visceral nervous system or involuntary nervous system.

Drinking several glasses of fresh raw juice will greatly help with this condition. Being deficient in vital nutrients will cause inflammation to build up in the body. Doctors will prescribe beta blockers for a condition such as; hot red ear. Without treating the underlying cause, what good will all the side effects from the beta blockers do for this? Beta blockers certainly do not cure diseases. They are for disease management. If you want to "cure" this disease you have to combat the underlying problem, which is a condition, such as vascular or a nervous system disorder. These can be corrected and reversed with a change of diet!

A doctor or specialist may tell you a diet change will do nothing for this. We will tell you from experience it certainly will!

Start Changing your Diet Today!

*Incorporate more "raw" fruits and vegetables and get rid of all processed foods!
*Say NO to Processed foods, which
are full of toxins that promote poor health and disease.
*You could be free from this condition in less than 2 months by eating properly!
*Grass fed meats are perfectly fine to eat in moderation. (very small servings, meat can cause inflammation in the body) Hemp seeds, chia seeds and walnuts are the best choices for nuts.
*Wild salmon is the best choice to get DHA and EPA, which walnuts, Chia and Hemp seeds do not have. *Refrain from using butter and use cold pressed virgin coconut oil and avocados for healthy fats.
*Buy bread which has no oil's at all and is truly organic wheat bread with Omega 3's. Costc
o has a bread like this called "Alpine Valley" natural whole grain breads. 
*Never eat commercial dairy
, despite what you have heard as this promotes poor health. The cows are fed corn, which is a very high amount Omega 6, and if the cows become ill throughout the process, why wouldn't you get sick too?
*Inflammation in the body must be reduced or this condition will never go away.
*Olive leaf extract or pure oregano oil can help speed up this process by reducing inflammation.

Here is a disease that looks very similar to Hot Red Ear

but is a very rare autoimmune disease called: Relapsing Polychondritis

Relapsing PolychondritisNotice the bottom cartilage is not affected and not red at all. Only the top 2/3 of the ear is hot and red.
Relapsing polychondritis is characterized by bilateral auricular chondritis, nasal chondritis, laryngeal chondritis, polyarthritis, respiratory tract chondritis, & ocular inflammation.

Olive leaf extract or oregano oil most likely will be effective for this condition since they both will reduce inflammation. This disease is where the body attacks it's own body parts and can be very dangerous when left untreated. It can attack the heart, lungs and other parts of the body since this is an autoimmune disease. Most doctors will prescribe Immunosuppression drugs. This will weaken the body's immune system that is trying to protect you and will open the door for many other infections due to a weakened immune system. This may do more harm than good. Taking control will be the best solution in our opinion. Why put yourself at risk for more diseases? The body is reacting to foods you are already eating, plus the environment, pollution and other toxins we all face daily.

There are natural ways to help combat this rare disorder and let your immune system get back to normal. The answer is simple, add in raw juices to your diet!

It would be extremely beneficial to still add raw juice to your diet and ditch the process foods. Autoimmune diseases are usually reversible with a specific diet with mostly raw foods and adding in some grass fed animal products for protein. This must be eaten in small portions 6 ounces or less. A diet should consist of mainly fruits and vegetables if you want to beat this disorder.

Some helpful foods to eat are:
organic green, red and yellow peppers, organic avocados, organic oranges and grapefruits. Also, a blended fresh juice with organic tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, piece of lemon, organic apple and pears. (remove seeds from the apples but the stem and bottom part are OK).

These are all ways to help reduce inflammation and cleanse the body naturally. The dosage for olive leaf extract would be 1 capsule every other day and use oregano oil, 1-2 drops in 6-8 ounces of water every other day for 1-2 months. This must be done for several months to cleanse the body, depending on how many toxins are in the body.

Hot red ear can get quite complicated to find the source, but is mostly vascular in most cases and this is why it can be hard to diagnose. If a diet has a balanced Omega ratio this can help quite a bit. In the mean time an Olive Leaf Extract should be taken to help with inflammation that has most likely been built up in the body.

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We have some recent findings that do show having your ears turn red, and get hot in ONE or both ears is most likely a vascular problem in the body. If you have underlying heart disease, this just could be the cause of y our red ears, if you have never had this condition before.

We have noticed that the Super Strength blend of olive leaf extract, along with pure oregano oil can be effective at eliminating this condition over a period of several months
, along with reducing sugar consumption. Also, a diet change in what you eat might help as well. Eliminating processed foods will be a big step as most of these foods contain over 90% Omega 6 fatty acids. Eating processed foods on a regular basis will cause Omega ratios to be out of balance.

Here is a link to learn some of the foods needed to help reverse this condition:
Most Effective Diet Plan

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