Heart Disease In Men Is Quite Common Learn How to Prevent Heart Disease Today!


Heart Disease in Men

Heart Disease in Men

Heart Disease in men is a general problem that affects hundreds of thousands of men each year. Statistics shows Heart disease in men is the leading cause of death for men in the U.S., with around 307,225 deaths in the just 2009 alone. Most of the time there are not any symptoms are warning signs for this. This can result in a heart attack or stroke.

There are ways to prevent heart disease in men, especially if the risk factors are high. Some of the most recognized ways to prevent heart disease in men is to eat a healthy diet with mostly fruits and vegetables, not smoking or drinking alcohol in excess or by being overweight or obese. So what if you feel that you do most of these things? Are you still at risk? The answer is Yes! One of the reasons for heart disease in men, which can lead to a sudden heart attack is plaque built up in the artery walls. This is what makes heart disease in men or even artery disease a silent killer.

Heart disease in men doesn't have to happen. If saturated fats are eliminated like butter or cream, this can make the risk factor for heart disease go down significantly. Saturated fat is in the majority of foods, and this can make things tough to follow but with careful planning progression can go along way.

Don't eat foods that come in a box, like cookies, snacks, etc. Heart disease in men should be taken seriously but also never taken for granted. Any race can get heart disease. No one is immune, especially heart disease for men that are high risk for a heart attack. Risks for heart disease in men can be lowered, but the main key is identifying vital signs of trouble.

Four significant signs of heart disease are creases in the ear lobes, fatty deposits under the eye, thicker skin on the end of toes and baldness on the crown of the head. A lot of men can go bald without having heart disease but if just the crown of the head is balding this could mean less blood flow is coming to those hair follicles. Another factor for heart disease is feet that are hairless. This means there are clogged arteries making blood flow tougher to grow hair on that part of the body. A true sign of artery disease or even heart disease in men is ankles or even calves which have little to no hair. Also, calves that are less than 13 inches could be a sign of heart disease, especially if you walk a lot. Calve muscles should be larger if you exercise. Even without these signs lowering or eliminating some saturated fat such as butter and avoiding trans fat all together is a significant step in preventing or battling this deadly disease!


New Update for Causes Of Heart Disease in Men

Update for Heart Disease

We have recently found out that heart disease can be caused by a very well known and serious culprit. Do you think you know what this particular culprit is that is one of the causes of heart disease in men all over the world? It is sugar! Yes, that's right sugar is one the biggest causes of heart disease! This is more of a factor than saturated fat! Now, please realize that too much saturated fat can still cause plaque build up and heart disease in men. What is the greatest part of these findings of sugar is quite astonishing. Sugar causes inflammation, and this is the worst part of the actual causes of heart disease. Sugar is in everything we eat today!

Fruits and vegetables are the most ideal for people to eat to prevent heart disease. Fruits may have sugar, but also have a lot of fiber, which is a perfect way to intake anything with sugar. The body still needs fat and other carbohydrates, such as whole grains. The problem that is making the causes of heart disease, so wide spread is very simple. People should never eat white rice, white bread and just about anything that is refined with white flour. Pasta that is NOT 100% whole grain just converts to sugar. So even if you don't eat things like candy, ice cream or cookies, you can still get heart disease by only eating these foods made with white flour and are only just refined.

Everything in the snack aisle has some form of trans fat that is one of the causes of heart disease in anyone! This is just as dangerous!

Trans Fat can be disguised as high fructose corn syrup or anything artificial.

Hydrogenated oils are one of the worst culprits for causes of heart disease in men. These will clearly be on the ingredients label of the box.

Foods at specialty stores will clearly state on the front of the box, NO artificial flavoring or hydrogenated oils! This will a significant step in reducing heart disease in men or reversing heart disease! It is necessary to read the labels to help prevent heart disease in men and women should also follow these tips! Women are at risk just as men are for heart disease.

How to Prevent Heart Disease

Prevent Heart Disease

How to prevent heart disease starts with making necessary changes. These changes can include eating habits, not smoking or drinking alcohol, losing weight and exercising.

If men want to prevent heart disease, starting these changes sooner than later will help to keep plaque from accumulating in the arteries.

If a males risk factors are higher for getting heart disease, methods of preventing heart disease should be sought early. This means grass fed red meat to twice per month, or going as far as not eating red meat at all to prevent heart disease.

Meats such as salmon have Omega 3's and are healthy fats and should be consumed 2 to 3 times per week. To prevent heart disease people should not consume hydrogenated oils. These come in snacks like chips, crackers along with other types of foods that are in all processed foods.

Some stores have healthier alternatives that don't have hydrogenated oils and other harmful additives. So eating some of your favorite foods and still prevent heart disease is possible! Although, eating these foods on a regular basis will still cause inflammation. Of course, these should be healthier options with none of the dangerous health hazard ingredients. Most processed foods are still made with corn and this is dangerous. Corn has 60-70 times of Omega 6's than Omega's 3. A proper balance is needed or arteries will continue to be inflamed.

Some healthy fats that are safe for the heart to help prevent heart disease are chia seeds, hemp seeds (Omega 3's) almonds, avocados (Omega 6's) and Virgin Coconut Oil. Almonds are great if you eat a typical serving which is usually about 28 almonds. This will give your body some much needed fat that is far healthier than eating fat that contains hydrogenated oils and other additives, like potato chips.

Virgin Coconut Oil, which is naturally processed
and NOT by any type of machine processor is an excellent Saturated fat. Yes, this is a good saturated fat and is great to help try to prevent and reverse heart disease. This particular oil in its purest form, actually contains medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid. This makes it great for reducing or preventing plaque build up in the arteries. Like almonds, avocados are a healthy fat. This does not mean you can eat as much as you want. You must have a balance of Omega 3's and Omega 6's.

reversing heart disease

Reversing Heart Disease

Reversing heart disease can be more possible than you may think! Revering heart disease has the same elements of preventing heart disease, except a few more steps should be taken into consideration. Most people know that olive oil is healthy for you, and it is actually good for you heart. It is much healthier than using other types of cooking oils than can be harmful. What most people don't understand is that Olive Leaf Extract is also great for the heart but is also great for reducing triglycerides.

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Reversing heart disease is an important life changing step! In order to begin reversing heart disease, you must first get the mind set that is it in fact possible to overcome this and be back to normal. When you first begin the process of reversing heart disease, you may feel that it is tough to cut your saturated fat intake. The foods you usually want to eat you just can't! You should think of it as you are beating the disease first. You will be taking control of your body and your life once again! Using the tips mentioned in this article, along with a diagnoses from your doctor can give you a starting point, and you will be able to see a new beginning! Remember, everyone makes mistakes in life it's all about how you correct them and move forward! Reversing heart disease is no different!

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Recent Update: Certain Saturated Fats are Not Causing Heart Disease

It has been long said that cholesterol is the culprit of heart disease. This is just NOT true! What is really causing heart disease in men is inflammation. We discussed this earlier on our New recent update (paragraph 2) for causes of heart disease. Foods that are high in saturated fat such as milk, eggs, and red meat are actually good for you in moderation! Only if they are from grass fed animals not fed corn.

So why cut these foods out of your diet completely? Yes, eating too much red meat can cause problems such as plaque in your arteries, throw off your omega 3 ratio, or possibly even certain cancers. Moderation is the key for NOT causing and even reversing heart disease in men or women. Eating eggs in moderation as far as we know is NOT going to cause heart disease in men if they are grass fed animals. Some Cholesterol is good to have in the body. Yes, there are bad and good types of cholesterol but this does NOT mean that someone with high cholesterol has heart disease or will have it. The old studies that were done showing evidence of cholesterol causing heart disease is just NOT accurate!

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