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Male Hair Loss Natural at Home Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Have you ever wondered if you can get your hair back and do it for pennies on the dollar from what it costs to get a hair transplant or hair restoration clinic do it for you? We can show you how to start getting your hair back with our all natural herbal hair loss treatment and amazing tips! This all natural hair loss treatment is very efficient and very inexpensive with products you can buy from the grocery store. We are NOT talking about hair loss sprays either. Might you be thinking to yourself later on? Why didn't I start doing this years ago? This is nothing like what you may have bought at the local drug store or even ordered online. This deals with what is causing the problem and helps you fix your hair loss naturally! It takes a few minutes a day to start this process.

This is a long term solution for an even bigger problem, which is making sure your hair doesn't keep falling out! Also, hair transplants, unless you get a hair piece, will not last forever, and you will be back right where you started before. Now, thousands of dollars would need to be spent again! You might be thinking what could this be? Well, its not drugs, not surgery, and it's not expensive! These are the main questions that most people want to learn for this type of herbal hair loss treatment.

Natural hair loss treatment in our findings take several months to notice a difference, but it will be a noticeable difference. Just like hair transplants, where your brand new hair falls out weeks later and then takes months to grow back again! This will be your own new hair growing from the start, building a new solid foundation, getting thicker and growing faster by the week! Due to the high costs and unnecessary treatments for balding men to get their hair back has promoted us to promote change and for FREE! 

All we ask from YOU is to share our site and spread our message to your friends. We would like to continue to spread our message that Nature works across the world!

There are a few necessary items that we would like to point out before you begin the process of growing your hair back. There are several reasons of why hair loss actually happens:

The first reason - it can be hereditary. This is the most well known cause.

The second reason - heart disease could be lurking inside your body. Hair loss in this case is more common in the back of the head, which is also known as the crown of the head. This is more of a possible indicator of heart disease than a receding hairline would be.

The third reason - is a thyroid problem can also cause hair loss in men. Eating Seaweed, for example, can help to naturally corrected this problem. There are products that can be purchased that include the daily amount of iodine and actually taste good. Sea's gift is a brand, for example; that has a wide variety of seaweed snacks that can give your daily amount of iodine to help keep your thyroid functioning properly.

Now, you have an idea of why your hair could be falling out, thinning and just be our of the ordinary. In order to start correcting this problem, you must start attacking this problem head on. This means right at the hair follicles themselves. If you have read pages on our site, you know that virgin coconut oil can do many things. It must be a gold label organic virgin coconut oil to be efficient. This is the purest and has double the antioxidants from any other coconut oil you can buy.

Step 1 - Take a clean spoon, dish out some of the fresh coconut oil. (always make sure the lid of this oil is secured tightly when you are finished.) Virgin coconut oil can begin to loose its effectiveness being exposed to the air and also after the 30 day period when the bottle has been opened.

Step 2 - Take a clean finger and begin gently massaging this oil all over your entire head. It works best to start with one coat over the entire head, then massage all the oil into the front before adding more. Just keep going over it until it all soaks in. Usually takes about 5 minutes for 1 application of coconut oil to begin to soak in your scalp. Once the oil soaks in your scalp you can keep adding more. It's pretty amazing to see as a week or so goes by that you can begin to see more hair by following these exact steps!

Step 3 - If you carry a small airtight plastic container you could bring coconut oil with you where ever you go and just add some to your scalp in any restroom. Remember, the more throughout the day you do this, the quicker your hair will grow! Always massage it in the hair to stimulate the hair follicles which are dead. Hair will probably fall out in your hand. The more you do this, the less hair will fall out.

Step 4 - You must wash your hair every time you do a coconut oil treatment. Usually at the end of the day when you shower is the best time to wash your hair! (ONLY Wash your hair once per day) If you DO NOT wash the oil out of your scalp and hair the same day then your hair will NOT grow. This will affect the entire process.

Step 5 - The shampoo you need to use is very essential to your hair growth. The best shampoo has a very essential ingredient called biotin. There are shampoos you can find online that contain a biotin lavender combo from Andalou Naturals. Lavender gently refreshes, hence stimulating the follicles. Biotin B-complex infuses needed protein to get thicker and fuller hair, along with improved strength.

Step 6 - Buy the matching conditioner from Andalou that also contains the lavender biotin combo. This will be the missing piece to how your hair will look as it starts to develop.

Step 7 - If you do not notice a difference in 1 month, than you may need to stimulate more blood flow and detoxify the body or you have may inflammation built up. Taking 1 drop internally of pure oregano oil that is bought in its undiluted state will work the best.

Also, eating a proper balanced diet makes all the difference in the world. Here is a link to a diet plan that works! http://www.destroydiseases.com/Most_Effective_DIET_PLAN.html

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Do NOT put this oregano in your hair! (most oregano oil’s come already diluted with olive oil). You never know how much oregano oil is in this batch and how potent it will be. You must take this oil in 6oz - 8oz of water. Put in 1 drop, stir and then drink the entire glass. It may taste a bit strong, but you only will need to do this 3 or 4 times per week, along with eating a healthy diet, especially mixed nuts that contain Brazil nuts. Make sure you also take a strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and/or blackberry shake by just adding milk and blending all of these together. Drink and enjoy! This is a vital step for hair regrowth! 


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