Cures for Hiv Begins with A Natural Hiv Cure Which is an Herbal Cure for Hiv

Learn How Dr. Robert Gallo helped Create HIV for Biological Warefare and
How He Lies About it! You need to Understand where Hiv came from.
Watch This Video!

Learn the Best Natural Ways in the World to Fight HIV
Please watch the Entire Video to Understand what to do.
This will show the real truth behind being healthy and how to reverse many other diseases, mainly by diet.
It is so crucial to eat properly. It may sound simple, but if you don't know what to do then everything seems like a blur. The power of combining raw fruits and vegetables and drinking them on a daily basis, is a huge step to reversing most diseases naturally! Learn Why You need to keep a balance of Omega's and not eat processed foods for that reason!
We all have to eat so why not do it the right way!

By the way, HIV is a
Lipid Coated Virus, just like many other viruses.
This means that it has a protective shell like coating.
Once that protective coating is broken it opens up an opportunity to attack it!
Pure Oregano Oil and Super Strength Olive Leaf Extract can be your army,
along with following a specific diet!
HIV resides in the middle in turquoise color in the photo below:

Now, It's time to Learn the Best Natural Ways
in the World to Fight HIV!!

Please watch the Entire Video to Understand what to do.

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Super Strength
 Olive Leaf
100% Pure Oregano Oil
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These are entirely different
species of plants!
Olive leaf extract helps to fight bacteria, viruses, retroviruses, (lipid coated cells)
and protozoa and yeast strains
Hiv is a retrovirus!

These are NOT drugs, please understand before clicking.
You will be clicking to a 3rd party company's site. The process will be very simple to purchase these products.

If you need yet another good Natural Supplement.
This video shows that Turmeric Keeps Hiv from progressing into full blown A.I.D.S.
A Turmeric Supplement that contains Curcumin fights 30 different types of Cancers.
Tumeric is not even as powerful against Pathogens as
Super Strength Olive Leaf Extract
Pure Oregano Oil but you should get the idea of what can be done!
Remember, Olive leaf extract helps to fight bacteria, viruses, retroviruses,
and protozoa and yeast strains!
HIV is a retrovirus!

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Toxic Chemicals are in vaccines. Here's some Proof for you. Stay away from these!

Read under Myth #3 for why they need to use toxic chemicals in vaccines.

More Evidence the Flu vaccine does more harm than good.

Cures for HIV Can Happen With Nature Quickly!

Cures fo Hiv

Cures for HIV are NOT well known and have been around for years! An Herbal cure for HIV has always been an option, but this is sadly never been publicized. A Natural Hiv cure is truly the best solution at this point. Drugs and retro viral treatment may keep the virus from spreading but DO NOT eliminate the virus.

There are many different approaches that have been around for years claiming cures for Hiv. Bob Beck started a few of these methods. We really are NOT sure if any of these are effective. We don't believe in electro therapy methods or any of the methods he suggests or claims are cures for Hiv. This is just a matter of opinion though.

We are here to tell you that infections or diseases have many “natural” solutions. It doesn't matter if it has a scary hyped up name attached to it, like HIV. Nature is so underrated, its NOT even funny anymore, especially when it comes to possible cures for Hiv! Read our home page to understand how "nature" got thrown under the bus. Click here to see this very educational truth: Home Page 

Learn how powerful sources of Nature can help with Hiv

symptoms for hivA "Natural" cure for Hiv should be in everyone's cupboard! A true herbal cure for Hiv is very strong and has the power to help correct many incurable diseases, including HIV! These are the same diseases that have been claimed, "incurable" by modern medicine! A "cure" so powerful does not need to be made in a lab. The human body does not respond better with foreign chemicals than "nature." Drugs manufactured by a pharmaceutical company are bad for the human body and will always have more "side effects" than nature. Despite what you have been taught or understand. Drugs will always be bad for your health and a waste of money. People are just too brainwashed to even get the real facts absorbed in these modern times. This is why the majority of people will remain sick. It's just so sad, but it's reality. People that open their minds will be the true fighters and ultimate warriors of combating this disease! Remember, this disease was man made to hurt you or anyone else as a depopulation measure. Watch the video we posted above to learn more, if you have not seen this video on how Hiv actually started. This will show the truth behind this disease.

what hiv looks likeSome herbal remedies that will help are pure oregano oil and olive leaf extract.

These fight and destroy pathogens and even parasites, better than anything else that is "natural." The picture to the left of this paragraph is what Hiv actually looks like. The red dots are hiv attacking the cell. Antiviral medications that you get from your doctor just stop the virus from replicating. As you can see this is a mess for your immune system to deal with. Hiv hides within a lipid coated cell so antibiotics and drugs are of no use to destroy this virus. Only "natural ways" (specific types of herbs will kill this virus). They do this by breaking down the armor and cell walls that are lipid coated. This is not the news people in the medical industry want people with this disease to know. As the immune systems weakens, this is how AIDS develops. This is where the immune system becomes too weak, thus making any infection more possible to invade the body and most die a slow painful death. Hiv can be eliminated but AIDS, which has been defined and determined as the final stage of progression for Hiv. This is nothing to take lightly. Many people have died over the past few decades from this disease. It is without a doubt, the biggest money maker for the drug companies! Do you really think they want to cure you? It may sound like a joke, but it's the real honest and sad truth! We didn't post the first video showing (located at the top of this page) how it all happened and started in the 1970's. It is up to anyone that has this disease to make the right choices from this point moving forward. Diseases needed to be eliminated form the body! The right nutrition and herbs are a powerful "natural" weapon!

oregano oilolive leaf extractOlive leaf extract and oregano oil for example, will do a great job for your immune system, but with the proper diet, the possibilities are even better for a quicker recovery! Most people have no idea how important a proper diet can be, especially combined with powerful herbal remedies. Since you probably have not been taught by your doctor that nutrition plays a big role, we will teach you! This means no processed foods, refined sugars and no junk food!

The Foods listed Below are Very important to help strengthen Your Body in this Fight

hemp seeds
Eat raw nuts and seeds such as: Chia and Hemp seeds for Omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp Seeds have 1 to 1 ratio meaning they are the best seeds in the world for Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio!

Walnuts have a ratio of 4.2 with Omega 6 to Omega 3. Almonds for example, are good for Omega 6 fatty acids and have a ratio of 1.0 for Omega 6 to Omega 3. So almonds have no Omega 3's but this perfectly fine, since the overall ratio is still under 5 to 1 for these foods. It is still important to limit the consumption of almonds as they are not any better than walnuts due to not having any omega 3's. It is very important to keep a proper balance. Eating mostly walnuts, Chia seeds and Hemp seeds is far better than eating more almonds than these 3.

Most Americans eating processed foods are getting a ratio of 30 to 1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids. This is obviously very dangerous and will cause a lot of problems in the body over time. You do not need to eat large quantities to get the benefits. Nuts are great for snack and not for a meal! These are however, a crucial step for proper health and these will help balance the overall ratio for Omega's. Both Omega 3 and 6 help with very important functions in the body.

Having too many of just one Omega is very bad for your health and can cause your arteries to be inflamed, which opens the door for more diseases. Processed foods are loaded with only Omega 6's. These are the worthless Omega's with the harmful oil's like corn oil, soy bean and canola oil. These are very dangerous! Stay away from them!

grass fed

If you must eat meat, make sure it is grass fed and only eat smaller portions, such as 6 ounces of meat and not every week. Beef can be eaten once per month, but not every week.

wild salmon

Wild salmon should be eaten once per month. Never eat farmed salmon, they are full of omega 6's since the fish is fed something entirely different then what wild salmon eat. The main part of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables. Make sure to also drink plenty of fresh clean water!

blending raw jucie
Another important part of a proper diet will consist of blending raw fruits and vegetables together several times per day. This means, not cooking them at all! This is the quickest and most efficient way to get proper powerful nutrients!

This means organic wheat grass, lemon, cilantro, kale, organic apples and even an organic pear. Switch off from Kale and use spinach a few times per week. organic oranges, guava, pineapple, carrots and wheat grass are good one to drink as well.

A raw organic tomato is also huge in getting the body back on track as well, and this must be consumed several times per day. If you cannot buy organic, at least use the same fruit or vegetable mentioned above, as it will still serve a valuable purpose. Just wash them really good to rinse off some of the pesticides. You can also add other vegetables and fruits, but this must be done on a daily and consistent basis, or it will take longer to fight this virus. So combining 5 or 6 different fruits and vegetables in one shake and doing this 3 or 4 times per day, will make a big difference. It's best to use a blender and not a juicer. You will just need to skin the orange, cut an apple or pear in half and use the "CHOP" button on the blender to break everything down before you can liquify the juice. If the body can detox this will help to get rid of this virus even faster, when you use olive leaf extract, for example.

Olive leaf extract with 20% oleuropein is very powerful on it's own, but when YOU combine raw juice together, with olive leaf extract in a day's time, your body can start to build back up your immunity. You only need to take 1 pill of olive leaf extract everyday or every other day. There is no magic pill drug, or vaccine! If you believe there will be a magic pill from a drug company, you will never get rid of this virus.

When you combine a proper diet with specific fruits and vegetables with oregano oil or olive leaf extract, for example, this can make a huge difference in a very short amount of time. There is not a set time frame on when to get rid of this virus. It could take several months or it could take a year. It all depends how healthy your body is. The cleaner the body, the quicker this maybe for YOU!

drug company scamsThere is absolutely NO money innatural methods” for any disease. This is why they are considered "incurable diseases" by modern medicine. Modern medicine is practically garbage, unless you love side effects and never getting rid of a disease? Sounds like a waste of money right? A patented drug has billions in profits lined up before it even hits the market. It's quite sad that most drugs don't even work. Look at the drug Statin, it has massive amounts of side effects and lowers people's cholesterol too much. This can all be manged with a proper diet. When it comes to Hiv, the drugs keep the virus in your body, while you still carry it. Suppressing a virus is only a way to keep you alive and dependent on the drugs themselves. This is just the nature of our culture and the sign of the times when hearing about cures for Hiv! When everyone hears there is NO cure, people that are infected assume they have NO hope and need drugs to stay alive. There is no instant cure from a drug company, if you saw the video we posted about Robert Gallo. You now clearly know that there could have been a cure in the 80's. So do you really think it will happen over 20 years later from a drug company? Most people will not be alive waiting around for answers. People need to be more educated and start changing their ways. Those that do will survive and thrive! Those that don't, will be long gone or have a much lower quality of life in the long run being dependent on a drug company for answers. There are no answers from a drug company when it comes to cures! Just lies and expensive medicine that is keeping YOU holding on by a string.




Natural HIV Cure Can Be Possible

natural hiv cureA natural hiv cure is so played down its becoming quite disturbing. If drug companies and scientists that work to help provide research for these same pharmaceutical companies were so good at producing cures, then why are there so many incurable diseases? Oh wait, that's right science doesn't work that way! So a hiv cure is in the works. It seems that everything we hear about a potential cure for hiv turns out to be nothing.

Keeping anyone from having HIV turn into AIDS is NOT a cure. You still need HIV medications that are very expensive! Remember, the story about a man that had a bone marrow transplant and is now cured of hiv? Sure, let's have everyone pay for more surgery and get a risky bone marrow transplant. These were extremely rare cases that worked for that individual person. It seems to me that this is all just to keep people's faith that drug companies are so awesome, and a natural hiv cure just doesn't exist!!

Finding a “natural Hiv cure” could cost less than $30, NOT $15,000 a year to stay on hiv medications. It still would need to be taken for several months, along with eating proper foods while reducing or eliminating "refined sugar intake." Fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits which are blended with their pulp are excellent for not spiking the blood sugar levels in the body.

We have personally seen cases where a person wiped out over 30 infections in less than 1 year! Due to the extensive range of diseases this person had, from artery disease and heart disease to having an immune system that functioned like a person with AIDS. This means that this person had infections like oral thrush, warts in the mouth, throat infections, consistent hoarseness of the voice, beginning stages of throat cancer. Also, add asthma, acid reflux, very poor digestion, always had a consistent cold, flu or viral infections that would come back every month and never went away, moderate to severe allergies and chronic bronchitis with a cough. Also, you need to factor in coughing up massive amounts of green mucous on a daily basis that never went away! This is only a fraction of the problems that this person had. Imagine the amount drugs this poor guy would have been on? Yikes! Honestly, with this many conditions, it was NOT likely to get help from any drug company, if so, then NOT for too long with a body that had everything out of the ordinary failing. The body was aging at a rapid pace, deep wrinkles, deteriorating spine, higher than average levels of creatinine that the kidneys were producing and extensive hair loss in a very short time. I hope that you can see that a natural HIV cure is NOT a joke! If a person this ill can get better in less than 1 year!

Herbal Cure for HIV Possible With Olive Leaf Extract

Herbal Cure for HIv

Have you ever heard of herbal cure for Hiv? Well, herbal cures for Hiv has been around for so many years! Look at the article we posted above the second video, which was about a doctor who supposedly cured thousands of patients with herbs. An herbal cure for Hiv is NOT new to the world and is part of the top ten most powerful herbs in the world, and are ancient! This means that, for centuries, these herbs have helped people! Remember that they didn't have the technology we have today! There were NO fancy machines, high tech computers and many other things hospitals use today! Hospitals are NOT all entirely what people think they are. There are so many natural ways to get rid of diseases. A herbal cure for Hiv is NO different. YOU don't need to take powerful, harmful medications, get a bone marrow transplant, or anything crazy! One herbal cure solution for Hiv is 3 of the best known herbs for your immune system function. 

For all the clueless people in the world that blame science and say scientists don't know how to figure out the body's immune system, are just plain hurting themselves! Yes, in this situation we will be very blunt.


We figure this solution would be sort of like an ultimate herbal type of solution for hiv that you can easily buy on the internet: This would consist of first, Olive leaf extract with a high amount of oleuropein, usually 20% or more, along with oregano extract or oregano oil  and astralagus!

Do not
take these all at once, but at different time frames of the day or even using them every other day and cycling them in a way that works for you. It may take several months to make a difference. These are the most powerful cold blooded killers of pathogens known to man. These will provide help for the immune system start functioning again! Having an impeccable diet, containing essential nutrients, will work the best. In the world we live in today, disease thrives on the junk that most people eat. More than 80% of the world has no idea which foods are the most powerful to eat!

If you want a quick education on how to eat the right way. Click here.......World's Most Effective Diet Plan 

Hiv, which attacks the bodies main defense against unwanted diseases compromises it's abilities, making it weaker. This disease is most likely a man made problem (according to the video we have posted) and "nature" is the best defense right now! Remember, there are others; this is just one way, but you can find other herb combinations that may work too.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! We are certainly sure there are others too, but again you will not hear of these from the media, day time talk show or anything basically funded by the drug companies!

Any literature on this page is for informational purposes only and solely for that reason as we do not provide medical advice.  Any videos and/or links are for informational purposes and are solely for that reason.