Gum Disease Can Cause Gingivitis Or Worse An Abscess Gum Treating Gum Disease Naturally is a Big Step Forward!

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Pure Oregano Oil is Effective for Gum Disease

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Why Gum Disease Can Be So Dangerous

Reversing Gum Disease

Gum Disease can be a wide variety of infections that can cause pain, discomfort or bleeding in the mouth. Gum disease can make gums bleed, be sore or have pain. These are all signs of gum disease, like gingivitis. Gum disease can be something from gingivitis to even an abscess gum. Both of these can cause discomfort or even bleeding at times.

Gum Disease can be dangerous since the mouth has some correlation with the heart. Gum disease can put more stress on the heart, especially if there is an infection within the mouth. These particular types of bacteria can burrow through and travel through the arteries to the heart. This can essentially cause heart disease in just about anyone. This is why treating gum disease early is very important! Some dentists believe that the mouth is a window for overall health in the body. This makes any type of gum disease NO exception!

Gums that bleed daily is a sign of gingivitis.

Signs of gingivitis are bright red or purple gums, swollen gums, bleeding gums, especially after brushing. Gums that are tender to touch are also another sign of gingivitis. If any of these symptoms are present then gingivitis may be the culprit. The longer gingivitis is present in the body, the more it can progress, and other infections can also occur. Some of these can include a tooth abscess or even a gum abscess. Taking care of the mouth is a vital part of being healthy and feeling great!

How Nature Can Help With Gingivitis or a Gum Abscess

How Nature Can Help

Nature can play a significant role in helping to fight gingivitis or even a gum abscess. If a powerful antibacterial is used it can act as a strong antibiotic. This will then help to destroy the disease by working with the body's own immune system. By using 4 to 5 drops of Pure oregano oil in 4oz to 5oz of water, this can make a noticeable difference in helping with a gum abscess. By swishing this around in a person's mouth for up to 1 min, then rinsing and repeating a few more times, will start the process. Doing this up to 4 times daily for several days will relieve any pain and battle this disease!

This must be undiluted, pure oregano oil. This is not the kind you buy at a local health food store. It just may tingle and have a warm sensation. Also, taking your finger and wiping the oregano oil around the infected areas will work too. The only side effect to doing it this way is you will need to swish around some coconut oil. This must be cold pressed and a gold label version. This is purest most natural coconut oil that should have twice the antioxidant power of any other coconut oil.

Do your homework when you look to buy coconut oil online and use keywords: gold label virgin coconut oil in your search. The direct name for holding oil in your mouth is called: "oil pulling," which is essentially the oil pulling bacteria from the mouth. When you are finished rinsing, just spit out the excess. If you have really bad gum disease,you may need to do oil pulling for at least 30-45 minutes a day.


Treating Gum Disease Naturally

Treating Gum Disease Naturally

Treating gum disease naturally is now more possible than ever!

With 3 easy steps, this can be achieved at home! Instead of using mouth wash or peroxide, “naturecan be your best alternative to treating gum disease with NO surgery!

Step 1: With a solid cup in hand, (not a paper cup) fresh clean water and your 100% Pure Oregano oil liquid solution, you can get started!

Step 2: The next step in treating gum disease is to add 2-3 oz of water, then approximately. 4 drops, NO need to stir!

Step 3: Then, start swishing around in the areas of the mouth that need it the most. Use the entire solution that is in the cup! You will need to swish for 20-30 seconds and do this up to 5 times in day. This will work very similar to standard mouth wash but much more effective, and each time you want to aim for doing it for 30 seconds.

Tips and what to look out for: You will have a tingling feeling when you are done. This will be the first of many applications that will take place during the course of your day. Treating gum disease is all about repetition. So brushing and flossing, along with swishing the solution, should be performed several times per day, especially when an infection takes place. Treating gum disease as you can see does not have to be stressful, painful process! Also, Treating gum disease naturally can save a great deal of money! It your gum disease is severe you might want to use your finger and rub pure undiluted oregano oil on the most infected areas. DO NOT dilute for maximum benefit. If your gum disease is not starting to improve in 1 week, than you may have periodontal disease. You must change your diet and detox your body in order to cleanse your body and clean out the toxins that may be built up.

Recent Update: Treating Gum Disease

We have already found that using organic virgin coconut oil combined with oregano oil works for treating gum disease. Recently, we have seen that by putting 4 to 5 drops of oregano oil on top of a small amount of the coconut oil, than taking the oregano oil with your finger and rubbing it all over your gums destroys mild gum disease virtually on contact! In a few days, a mouth that bleeds can turn into pink healthy gums and the bleeding will stop when treating gum disease this way! If you do this treatment 3 to 4 times, daily this will help fight some of the bacteria that has entered the body. Treating gum disease is all about absorption of these 2 amazing natural products! Mouth infections can be very serious and can cause other health related problems if they are left untreated! If you have heart disease, the longer a gum infection has time to spread, the more life threatening it can be!

Bacteria can actually travel from your mouth once they are inside and burrow their way down to your heart. This, in fact, can start causing heart disease. When you treat gum disease naturally like this, the only side effect is a detox symptom of mild diarrhea eliminating the toxins from the body! Believe us when we say this, your mouth will be thanking you after treating gum disease this way! If you experience any type of a burning sensation on your lips, just use a clean finger to wipe some fresh coconut oil on it and your lips will be soothed and cooled down in seconds!

Periodontal Abscess Treatment

Periodontal abscess treatment

Periodontal abscess treatment can be achieved at home if it is done correctly and with the right ingredients. Periodontal abscess treatment needs to be taken very seriously since periodontal disease itself can spread quickly. This includes areas of the gums that are open where bacteria can get inside, cause pain, puss and spread very fast!


Periodontal abscess treatment begins with 2 main ingredients:

These are organic virgin coconut oil and pure oregano oil (medical grade quality) These two ingredients when combined are extremely powerful! This is the type of power that is needed to get into the infection and help get rid of it! If the infection actually started where there was a hole in the gum, then combining the virgin coconut oil and the oregano oil on a spoon using your finger can put this powerful home made solution work!

Periodontal abscess treatment can work very quickly, but the puss also may need to be drained out and then use 3 drops of oregano oil in 1-2 ounces of water, which needs to be swished around the mouth for 1 min. DO NOT swallow and spit out all excess.

Next, take a few drops of the pure oregano oil and rub it where the infection is located. It may burn slightly, but this will help to clean the area further and disinfect it.

Any literature on this page is for informational purposes only and solely for that reason as we do not provide medical advice. Video is for informational purposes and does mean medical advice.