No More Symptoms for Genital Herpes Infection is Great Health News!

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Destroy Diseases was founded in 2012. Although, researchers have started development in the late 80's and early 90's. “Natural” ways to find a cure for most types of infection may be health news of the past for most hospitals and doctors. Since Pharmaceutical Companies mainly care about profit has led us to promote change! Our mission is to help people with health issues by showing that there are natural alternative methods for people suffering with all kinds of infections! These include but not limited to the flu, viruses, various bacteria, throat and respiratory infections, genital herpes, and even cold sores!

The health news we all want to hear about is the cure, we want to have hope there will be a cure someday for deadly diseases! Although, we will not say the cure is in our hands at this point for particular health issues. So what about health issues without a medical cure like genital herpes? The benefit we have found for these health issues has NO SIDE EFFECT RESULTS, which nature allows the human body and is fantastic health news to anyone that even has health issues! The good health news is, New Research is being conducted on severe types of disease such as HIV, aids, common cancers, cold sores and even Herpes (HSV 1 oral) (HSV 2 genital herpes) In limited studies and findings, we have been able to see that it is possible to stop all symptoms of an infection like oral and genital herpes type health issues with things derived from nature!

The current bad health news, today, is drugs usually are not a cure all for most people's disease! The drugs on the market for people with health issues or types of infection such as HIV Aids, genital herpes, for example, have a number of side effects that vary from person to person. For genital herpes, the virus may be resistant when using a pharmaceutical drug since the cure has not been found by medical standards, which is definitely not good health news for people that have it. Genital herpes is a parasite/virus that causes health issues and health news we all don't want to find out! Due to FDA regulations, products sold have to disclose it has not been approved by the FDA since it is considered a dietary supplement not a drug. Congress defined this new health news as a "dietary supplement" which went into law in 1994. Any natural product that is sold can't say on the bottle it cures a specific disease. However, if a structural claim is made such as an "immune booster." The products labeling must state: "these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA" Even if the product does cure a disease. Normally, herbal products, for example, like olive leaf extract do kill pathogens in the body that cause disease. The body's own immune system then will "cure the ailment" and the damaged areas on it's own, so this is a great health news so far! Most of these products are extremely safe and when used correctly, have significant health benefits and is the great health news for people that have an infection, would love to hear! We bet you have not heard health news like that before! Most natural ways help with health issues, or infection types such as the flu, bacteria, yeast, many virus, genital herpes, cold sores, etc. by activating the body's immune system, to do the job of healing the suffering area of the body. By doing it this way, the benefits could far outweigh those of using a foreign substance (AKA Drugs) that could cause antibiotic resistance for health issues! 

AJ Raz

AJ has b
Genital Herpes Stop Hereeen great health news, for people's types of infection that need relief for their health issues! She began specializing in learning natural healing methods for many health issues and infection types in the mid 2000's. She has been very passionate about providing excellent new ways to help people with health issues like genital herpes. Genital herpes is so important to her, since genital herpes is still a virus that the cure has not been found for. Genital herpes is something she personally has helped her friends get some relief from by pointing out which products may work. "The bad health news is Millions of people suffer the genital herpes outbreaks and depression that comes with this disease. The infection in most cases is worse for women. It's hard knowing that relief from genital herpes is so different then the cure would be." "I love bring new health news to help people that have health issues and various types of infection like a genital herpes! Millions of people get the flu, allergies, respiratory infection, gum disease or even genital herpes, etc. "People want good health news and relief from their health issues, by hoping for the cure, dreaming of the cure, or thinking it is too good to ever be true to find the cure for their infection! "Some people don't care if what they are trying is not the cure for health issues they have! People just want some natural relief!"

J.W. Jackson

A Leader in Trying to Find the cure
J.W. Jackson has been a leader and great health news for advancing the traditional natural ways of fighting an infection! These ways help people in desperate need of relief from all types of health issues from colds, flu's, genital herpes, a throat infection, hpv and other smaller type health issues. "I hate seeing people suffer from an infection, and other people get richer because drug companies just don't care about someone's health issues." "The word "the Cure" is something people fear when hearing health news today, since the cure seems out of reach!" Health issues are everywhere today, along with bad health news to find a cure for an infection, like genital herpes. J.W. knows first hand that the cure for genital herpes is not profitable, along with most health issues or types of an infection. "It's sad we can't do more clinical trials for natural ways to actually find a cure for something like genital herpes, or any other infection and give great health news to people!" "When it comes to diseases like hiv aids, genital herpes, that millions of people have, you would think there would be a medical solution and the cure, much quicker!" Sadly, the bad health news is modern technology has improved but methods to find the cure for health issues like genital herpes, may have not.

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