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Pharmaceutical Drugs Used For Disease Can Cause Antibiotic Resistance


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    • Before you read further, you need to understand that articles you read online may NOT be accurate information. Always find out why they write information that says,"Natural ways are such quackery."

      The word "Quackery" was an old term used to stop competition. Sadly, it is still used today, almost 100 years later. John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were the most instrumental in the crusade of pharmaceutical drugs. These two individuals put up substantial amounts of money for the schools that agreed to cooperate with them. The men who started the take over of the medical industry accomplished this by the take over of the medical schools. They then wanted to put some of their men on the board of directors at the very same schools that took these donations. At this point, the men that appointed to the board of directors by the schools, literally were taken over by these financial contributors.

      The schools got new equipment, hired the best teachers and were all taught pharmaceutical drugs. Now, surgeries could be done with anesthesia and infection control. This produced a need for a large lucrative hospital system! Doctors then started performing expensive radical operations. A drug industry then started to grow from a booming patent medical business. This produced a need for a large lucrative hospital system. The doctors then changed the licensing regulations to exclude the guys promoting "natural ways." This made it impossible for anyone that wasn't part of the AMA (American Medical Association) to practice medicine.

      In next 20 years AMA dominated medicine and then launched a campaign against anyone doing natural ways as "quackery." This was the code word for competition in those days! So today this word still exists to fool people into thinking all "natural ways" are quackery!

      Is there a significant payday to keep you on drugs? You might wonder what is our interest for this site.
      It is all about FREE Information showing how to get rid of the disease without drugs! There is not a site on the web that goes this much into depth on how to get rid of diseases naturally for FREE. Finally, some natural answers for your unwanted problems!

    Here's some of the awesome information we promised that shows who these people are that write that nature is a quackery way to fight diseases:http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/author/david-gorski/

    Here's why David likes to write nature doesn't work and who he has ties to! You guessed it the drug companies!

    1. Here's a post from Lahey Hospital and medical center showing some of the benefits of olive leaf extract. Just remember there more than likely will never be a full study that shows everything that olive leaf extract really does. Not because it won't be an exciting subject, but only drugs go through these stages. Drugs have to be approved and go through these studies. It also costs hundreds of millions of dollars. There isn't enough money in natural ways to pay for it. The research for drugs really only show that they work about half the time but what happens to the other half of the study where the drugs don't work? Think about it? Do we really see everything that they cause. Are we all just lab rats ourselves? Great questions anyone should ask themselves when taking them. What happens to those people? Is the media reporting all the deaths from these drugs?

      The real studies are with the people that use olive leaf extract and see results! This article proves there are not adverse effects, except occasional digestive distress. Wow, such a positive finding, even though it states it was a limited study! I wonder why it was so limited? Something with really no side effects?? It truly seems more people shouldn't know all the great things about olive leaf extract and have to find out for themselves!! This is very different from what you hear on a television ad that advertises all the many side effects and other problems prescription drugs can cause. Glad to see a few selected medical communities are waking up and at least talking about what this one powerful herb can do:

    1. Here is some more information that further shows what olive leaf extract can do. This just confirms the basis for this site to promote change with FREE information to educate people more on how natural ways such as these truly can work!

    Antibiotic Resistance Causes Are Happening More Often

  • Infectious Diseases from Antibiotic Resistance Disease Stops with Nature

    1. Antibiotic resistance causes are happening more than ever. There are various reasons that are triggering these antibiotic resistance causes. One main reason is our food supply. Our current food supply is flooded with antibiotics that are given to our livestock. These antibiotic resistance causes are anything from Mutated E-coli Bacteria to just overall stronger germs that cause antibiotics to just not work.
    2. We live in a world that is full of illness that is causing antibiotic resistance! Antibiotic resistance causes can include E-coli bacteria, Salmonella and other types of bugs that out smart the drugs trying to destroy them! We should not forget about infectious diseases, like std's but also bad colds, skin disorders, swine flu, pandemic flu, bird flu, seasonal flu, with nasty flu symptoms along with it! Don't forget allergies, asthma, food poisoning, throat cancer, lung cancer and even the dangerous Super Bugs (Super bug-bacteria), which are resistance to sometimes every antibiotic creating antibiotic resistance to germs that can usually be destroyed by them.

    We all need to understand how most infectious diseases can possibly turn into or help other health issues, like a weakened immune system. This will then help in getting rid of another disease that could have antibiotic resistance to drugs. Most infectious diseases are fueled by a weakened immune system, health issue, or other illness in the body! Adding another illness, like the seasonal flu, bird flu, H1N1 flu or other infectious diseases like HIV on top of that can just about kill you, especially if you have an antibiotic resistance bacteria.

    Right now, we have a major epidemic of health issues on our hands! Health issues arise from foods we eat, air we breath, stress, lack of sleep, our overall daily lives that just wear us down and put us at risk for infectious diseases or a disease in general. The types of infectious diseases that are happening inside our bodies are usually not found until its too late and someone already could have an antibiotic resistance type of bacteria. Severe disease such as cancer or other infectious diseases is usually not found until later stages of these health issues. Even if it is found early, it will take several months of traditional therapy methods to try to destroy a disease that will kill you!

  • Infectious Diseases Cause Health Issues like the Flu

    Infectious Disease Cause the Flu

    How do we overcome having infectious diseases, skin disorders, pandemic flu, bird flu, swine flu, seasonal flu and prevent antibiotic resistance, which causes further health issues? Well, why does a disease as common as the flu happen to thousands of people each year? Why can't doctors and our medical community fix most of our health issues with these types of infectious diseases to put us at less risk of antibiotic resistance bugs? The answer is simple, our current methods of fighting and attacking a particular disease is not the right way to relieve a health problem or prevent antibiotic resistance. What if there were ways that were so simple to prevent infectious diseases or disease along with antibiotic resistance? In ancient times,there was NOT our modern technology, and there wasn't the health issues or infectious diseases people are getting today that have antibiotic resistance.

    Disease like infectious diseases, dangerous types of flu, seasonal flu and having antibiotic resistance to drugs, was not part of their health issues. They didn't have drugs to use! We as humans, now have better water/sewer systems and better ways of getting food on our table than in the ancient era days. Unfortunately, today we live in a fast pace world full of disease and health issues with antibiotic resistance, due to overuse of medical drugs. Money has taken over our modern medical industry! Even medical companies and doctors are just another big profit business. There is billions of dollars a year business in profit to keep infectious diseases alive. This is one of the reasons antibiotic resistance doesn’t seem so important anymore, which is just adding more health issues! It's not a business to destroy a particular infection, but to keep the infection alive and suppressed. Antibiotic resistance could and should never be a health issue! There is not a lot of profits in making people's health issues go away and be disease free! It's quite sad and immoral, but it looks like the enviable truth at this point.

    Nature Helps With Fixing Disease

    Nature Helps With Infectious Diseases

    A better solution today is using natures resources for disease! With nature, you won't need to worry about antibiotic resistance and potential further health issues. This is how a disease is born and affects our bodies in many ways. This causes once again, antibiotic resistance to drugs, along with health issues. This is making our generation sicker and sicker, especially with infectious diseases that cause other health issues! As a society we are  using more chemicals, (AKA drugs) to try to help aid us in the healing process of our disease. We are not thinking about the dangers of possible antibiotic resistance. It's just not working or helping with these health issues. If chemicals make us sick, how can they help in the healing process of disease, infectious diseases, better than nature can and not have antibiotic resistance to worry about? Well, they can't, that's why there are NOT many so-called "CURES" within the chemical drug community for our problematic disease, or infectious diseases. The side effects, along with the possibility of antibiotic resistance out weigh the benefits, which will not aid in helping with these health issues.

    Nature Helps  With Infectious Diseases

    Our Remedies Help With Health Issues and Disease

    The good news is Natural Remedies, such as olive leaf extract for example might Help with infectious diseases! In fact, over 125 general types of illness that people have or end up having, by canceling out the possibility of antibiotic resistance health issues! This is a NO brainier! So why should people die from any kind of flu, especially; bird flu, pandemic flu, swine flu or yearly seasonal flu type of health issues? With NO SIDE EFFECTS and NO CHANCE of ever having antibiotic resistance when destroying a particular disease or even infectious diseases, you just can't loose!

    People need to STOP BEING BRAIN WASHED and made to believe that there are NOT natural ways to help with health issues like a virus! Yes, a virus can be eliminated over time with the right way to attack these infectious diseases and relieve a persons health issues. If the pathogen that is causing the disease is killed, the body's own immune system will kick in, to "CURE" the ailment and heal it!

  • Since antibiotic resistance is not a factor, this also helps in the healing process for these health issues. Just because a doctor at a hospital tells you it is NOT possible to help you get rid of your virus, you need to know that nature can be on your side but finding the best nature is another battle. Luckily, you have found this site detailing how natural remedies could work to give you some fighting power to get rid of those nasty infectious diseases and be on your way to correct the health issues you have! You now will have the power to help destroy some of your potential infectious diseases that you may never have known you had, without the dangers of antibiotic resistance drugs. Sounds amazing, right? If you can drink water, you can start freeing yourself from health issues and illness like the flu right away! Stop making infectious diseases like the bird flu, pandemic flu or seasonal flu, make you sick or even cause death with antibiotic resistance. Disease, along with infectious diseases should stop here! Let's start with a new path to start worrying about having antibiotic resistance causing health issues and a super bug in your body!

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