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Fad Diets Only care about

People Just Loosing Weight

This is all at the expense of Your own health!

Every fad diet is about trying to eat little, to No carbohydrates, Very little Fat, etc.
This is not only foolish but just plain
Dangerous! Normal weight can be maintained, along with
having less disease in the body by eating the
Right foods!

NO Diet has ever promoted great health with less disease, ONLY to shed weight!
Why on earth would you want to do that?
How ridiculous does that sound!
You loose weight, put it back on, or worse yet even could die due to malnutrition and other factors? Sounds like a hoax when you really look into it? right?
Fad diets are just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, let's make you aware of how bad commercial dairy products are for your health and also make you fat as well! Commercial dairy products are from cows that are fed corn and forced fed corn to make them grow in 15 months, versus 60 months like a normal cow that grazes in the field and eats grass 100% of the time. Then to top this disturbing practice, to yet another one, is the cows get very sick and need antibiotics. This is one of the reasons antibiotic resistance is getting so bad! People get these same antibiotics in their foods! This makes the milk full of Omega 6 Fatty acids. It's about 60-70 times higher then what "Raw milk" contains. Raw milk contains more Omega 3's than Omega 6's which is the opposite by being fed grass and normal things the cow eats.

Organic milk is a much better choice if you cannot drink raw milk since less than 10 states in the United States have a license and are allowed to sell raw milk. Raw milk is heated to no more than 105 degrees, while regular milk is heated to over 280 degrees. Anything heated over 105 degrees destroys most of the vitamins in the milk and causes digestive problems. Raw milk helps rebuild the good bacteria in the gut! Organic milk is at least grass fed and is a far better choice than regular milk but it still not even close to what raw milk does for the body. The guidelines for organic milk require the cow to only be in the grass 4 months out of the entire year.  Never buy commercial Milk that is not organic since they are never grass fed at all!

If this diet so far is not convincing that you have been eating wrong, then you may better off to stay on a very unhealthy diet that causes disease and being overweight! Life is about making choices but making the right ones are key to being less diseased and maintain a healthy weight!

We will now give you ONE more FREE tip to show you even more information on
why this diet matters for EVERYONE that is human!

We have listed each particular food mentioned in this diet plan with an explanation of what these foods actually are and why they can be a benefit to someone's health! The problem is people are overeating wheat and their is an epidemic in wheat related diseases (Chron's disease or Celiac, for example are on the rise). People have been brainwashed into believing that any particular type of wheat is good for them and will help with diseases! This will all depend on where the wheat originated from. If the wheat being eaten is from the seed of the grass, than this is a BIG problem, as only small amounts are good for a human to be able to digest properly and NOT spike blood sugar or even raise blood pressure!

After purchase of this diet we will email even more FREE tips! (This will be done in a separate email from the E-Book software where the diet book is located. We manually send out this email for you to receive the additional tips). We will also recommend a bread that has nothing to do with white or wheat flour and is in fact very healthy to eat!

Watch this video, as it will explain
WHY wheat flour has been related to the DIABETES Epidemic!

best diet solution
We have developed a simple way
to a complex problem we all face when it comes to eating!

We all have to Eat
why not learn How to do it the Right way

with the Right Types of foods?

We have made this
Very Easy to Understand
Know what a particular food does to the body &
why it is needed!

Anyone should use this Diet for Optimal
Health which is Dependent upon specific foods
You Shouldn't try to supplement these foods with vitamins!
You can get all your vitamins from foods!


Don't let this Happen to YOU!

  • This Diet will Enable the Body to Function Properly 
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These are just the Dangerous Foods and not
even what this diet is about but will help you realize
just how bad our food supply has become.

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Life is about being happy, feeling great
looking the best you can by eating what your body needs.


Any literature on this page is for informational purposes only and solely for that reason as we do not provide medical advice.
Any new or change in diet should be consulted with a licensed physician before beginning. All actual results will vary. Any videos are for informational purposes and are solely for that reason.